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I am again back to clear the questions you have with you. The answers to these are really going to help you in buying your DREAM HOME or help you going to buy your property for investment purposes.


Definition Of Real Estate & How it derived

Real Estate is the land along with any permanent improvements attached to the land, whether natural or man-made including water, trees, buildings, homes, etc. Real estate is a form of real property.

As we understood what Real Estate is, where it came from is an important point, which will help us in understanding it more properly. 

The word Real Estate became a legal term to identify Estate land. Thus the word “REAL” is derived from Latin which means ‘actual or genuine. So the word REAL ESTATE came into existence.

4 categories in Real Estate to invest

Now we know what real estate is and where the word came from, but do we know how many types of Real Estate are?

So let’s know the types of Real Estate:

  • Residential (New & Resale).
  • Commercial (New & Resale).
  • Industrial.
  • Open Plots.

After knowing the definition, types of Real Estate, and where it came from, I am going to tell you about the important factor while buying your Dream Home and why you should buy now.


9 Important factors that you should consider before buying our DREAM HOME

  • The first step in selecting a house is to fix a budget which makes it easier to shortlist a house. It will be helpful to you if you take suggestions from expert consultants having a RERA number.
  • The plot should be clear of all dues and be registered. The title deed must be verified, as the deed gives all the details and obligations towards the property.
  • Another point which you should check is the carpet area. The super built-up area includes shafts, elevator space, stairs, and thickness of walls.
  • Next, we should know that the developer has approvals and NOC from all the required agencies of the Government for developing in that place.
  • You should have a clear picture of the timeline for possession.
  • You must be aware of the finance, which bank will finance you for that project as every bank doesn’t finance every project in your city.
  • When you select a flat or house of your choice you can book the same by giving some token, in return for which you get an allotment letter. The agreement should be read and understood properly before signing it and if any doubts, should be raised at the point itself.
  • It is important to look around the area where you are going to stay. The amenities, physical infrastructure and reach to all the basic places are important to be analyzed. These factors help you to live peacefully in your own house. The house or flat should be in a safe and secure place.
  • Finally, you must keep in mind the additional expenses such as GST, stamp duty, home loan, processing fee, registration charges, and all other charges.

3 Reasons WHY you SHOULD BUY PROPERTY in pandemic

As we know coronavirus has disrupted almost every industry, even real estate. Keeping that in mind this is the right time to buy a home. People want to have their own home because, 

Try to understand these three points.

  1. Home loan rates are reduced and are lower.
  2. Homes are stable assets.
    Rental yields are expected to improve with rationalization in prices which gives the security of wealth and gradual economic revival is assumed to remain favorable.
  3. Properties are available at reasonable prices.

    It is probably the best time to buy the property because prices are low. People have options to choose from locations and budgets and buy ready-to-move-in a flat or house.


Finally, I will say the kind of offers and deals homebuyers are getting now are usually seen very little or during the festive time. 

However, the current situation might get some sweetened deals like complimentary car parking or easy payment plans. In addition, a lower home loan interest rate adds the opportunity to buy now.


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