Real Estate in Last 10 Years

This is The Right Time To Invest In Real Estate

As we know the world has changed a lot and still it’s changing and it will keep changing. Long back
value of 1/- rs. Was very much but now it’s value is like nothing. Now world has move to digital in
each and every place. So as we see change happening now the change has also come in investment.
Now people are looking for investment where there is growth as no one wants to go in loss, because
money is earned very hard. So the right place to invest now is the world of real estate where no loss
is there even after 20 years of investing. So that’s the reason investing in real estate is perfect use of your money.


Invest Now on Apartments , Commercial complex & villas

How To Invest In Real Estate ?

Anyone can invest money by purchasing in

  • Apartments
  • Space in commercial complex
  •  Villas or by 
  •  Purchasing furnished suites in pilgrim places.
  • Open Plots

These are the places  where investment can give you good returns by putting them in rental or by selling it after some years. That’s the time where  you are sure to get profit. For doing investment in real estate there are banks and financial institutions who are going to support you if you are really interested in investment.

Apart from these the place which is going to give you more profit after investment is OPEN PLOTS. Open Plots are the investment which will not help you immediately but after 2-3 years they give you good

Some More Thoughts on Invest in Real Estate now


Real estate values far exceed all other combined values of physical currency, digital currencies, stock markets, gold, and bank account deposits worldwide. It would be a natural transition to take their newfound wealth and roll it from banking investment into real estate as a way to diversify their financial holdings.

As now day’s apartments, villas and other furnishing suites are with all amenities and all the facilities near by staying area are available so this also helps to get good profile customer for rent . so it’s again you start getting money immediately after investment. So again it’s safe place for investment.

As Real Estate is safe investment market, more foreign investment is happening which is going to help in real estate market growth which make sure that your investment will be safe and going  to give you good profit.


Growth In Real Estate Hyderabad In Last Year Second Quarter (2020 Q2)

  • Hyderabad witnessed the highest y-o-y price increase at 7% (1.7% in real terms), to an average of INR 5,505 per sq. m. 
  • The All-India house price index rose by 3.92% y-o-y during Q1 2020, slightly up from the prior year’s 3.64% growth.
  • Hyderabad witnessed a 45 per cent increase in price to Rs 4,195 per sq ft from Rs 2,897 per sq ft. During 2000-2009, the city witnessed an average 65 per cent jump in prices.

    The value of property, defined by size and location, is now distinctly higher. Also, while there is no denying the challenges presented by the current COVID-19 pandemic, India’s residential market now favours end-users