Solution To Buy Your Dream House

If you have planned, then it’s the right time to buy.

Solution to buy your next property

In this blog we understand the pros and cons of buying your dream house now. Also this blog can help you in taking the right decision – Hyderabad Real Estate Experts


Many people struggle to get their DREAM HOME. After talking to many people I came to know that more than 40% of people are still searching their HOME for more than 4 years after planning to buy ready-to-move-in property.

If you are going to still wait to buy your DREAM HOME in spite of the low home loan interest rate and other benefits discussed in the previous blog, you are going to face a major price hike problem due to 4 reasons listed below.


Cost of material will increase suddenly once the restriction from pandemic lifts. Simple reason behind this is all the people involved in business related to real estate (Cost of material used for construction, including ‘basic building blocks’ such as sand, cement and steel, have increased by around 10% in the past few months).


Consequently, as the population increases, so does the demand for land, driving its price up over time.


A lot of labor has left and gone to their home town has resulted into less labor. But work is not reduced, due to which increase in daily wages is there. Availability of skilled labor has also reduced and has led to increasing in labor cost.


More number of people are migrating to developed cities, demand is increasing for more homes. And as per economic theory if supply is not equal to demand increase in price happens.


So that’s why we are suggesting you as you have already made your mind to buy your DREAM HOME from long time buy your DREAM HOME/HOUSE now. If you are going to wait more you will be able to buy home instead of your DREAM HOUSE.

Solution To Buy Your Dream Home

You will have to comprise in only one of the factors below:-


As you have planned your budget based on your cost sheet. Most of the time people who are searching for their DREAM HOME for long will have to increase their budget. Because you can’t compare today’s rate with the rate 4 years back.


If you stick with your same budget and planned your financial based on your long back budget then you will have to compromise in flat size (Ex. If you were searching for bigger 3BHK then you will have to shift for medium size 3BHK or compact 3BHK).


If you don’t want to compromise in flat size then you will have to compromise in developer & community (Ex. A Gated Community to Gated community or Semi-Gated Community).


If you don’t want to compromise in LifeStyle then you will have to compromise in LOCATION. Then only you will be able to get your house in your budget, desired size, and as per your LIFESTYLE.


If you don’t want to compromise in the above factors then you will have to go for under construction where you will get your DREAM HOME/HOUSE in your Budget, Size, Desired Location, and Lifestyle. Since you are waiting you can still wait for your DREAM HOME/HOUSE so can get good appreciation also.


Now important point is that, compromise in only one factor and get your DREAM HOME now.

If you have planned then it’s the right time to buy.

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